sound performance

  • Мини-опера "Мысль 688: In Memoriam"

    Mini Opera "Thought 688"

    Mini Opera Thought 688

    Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theater, 20.04.2019

    By Ekaterina Lopatina / Anastasia Kolesnik / Dmitry Shubin;
    Performers: Svetlana Arzumanova, Julia Kravchenko, Nadezhda Fedotova, Margarita Borisova-Lebedeva;
    Curated by Lisa Savina and Dmitry Shubin
    Based on text by Alexander Ilyanen

    Within the framework of PERFORMA project, curated by Vera Martynov

  • Sound Theater. REM SLEEP PHASES performance

    Sound Theater: REM SLEEP PHASES performance

    The sound theater works with "dissociation" of the acoustic space of the stage. It leads to minimization of means owing to refusal of stage speech - dialogues, replicas and musical accompaniment are completely absent. The story line is formed by the sounds of actions and the movements of actors.



    Audio performance
    Performed by Dmitry Shubin and Mark Kommer


    The State Russian Museum, St.Petersburg, 11.06.2017

  • HYBRID LETTER: sound performance

    HYBRID LETTER: sound performance

    Danita Pushkareva / Dmitry Shubin
    HYBRID LETTER: sound performance

    Based on text by Jacques Derrida "MARGES DE LA PHILOSOPHIE"
    Within the framework of Performance: New Forms of PresenceInternational Conference

    Russian Academy of Arts, Saint-Petersburg, 01.06 2017